Dolomites Tre Cime

Our trek takes you one a tour of the Tre Cime area. There is a one-day circuit of the Tre Cime which is an extremely popular day walk, but our multi-day trek of the wider Tre Cime area will quickly take you away from the crowds to discover the gems that are waiting for you to find them.

The area was heavily involved in WW1, and many artefacts can still be seen in the mountain landscape of this region. You may well find marmots living amongst the trenches and emplacements which are preserved in open air museums. The mountains here are riddled with tunnels that were created and used during the war. Some of these tunnels are open for you to explore during your walk. The fact that this incredibly beautiful area has experienced such a violent past adds both a history lesson and a degree of incredulity to the spectacular nature you will experience.

Our route takes in a variety of landscapes – from stark, jagged mountains to slopes of mugo pines, lush green valleys filled with flowers, rivers and lakes which might just prove tempting for a dip during a hot day.

Self-guided or guided?
We offer this trip both guided and self-guided. Self-guided trips can be run for 1 person or more.

Trek grading:
This is the easiest of our multi-day treks in the Dolomites. The next one up in terms of difficulty is the Alta Via 1.

The trek can be run between 20 June – 20 September on dates to suit you.

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