UNESCO World Heritage GeoTrail Trek – Dolomites, Italy

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The UNESCO Dolomites Geotrail trek is an exciting new multi-day hike through the mountains of the Italian Dolomites. The Geotrail hike shows off the spectacular mountain scenery of the Dolomites, also known as the ‘Pale Mountains’ at its very best, passing through the most geologically fascinating sections of the Dolomites, an area which has become very popular with walkers since gaining UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2009. This new trail, however, is a quieter option than the more long-established trails such as the Alta Via 1.

Starting in the remarkable Bletterbach Gorge near Bolzano with rock formations from 260 million years ago, the UNESCO Geotrail is a journey through time and across a variety of landscapes – ancient coral reefs, dazzling white Dolomite limestone peaks and volcanic rock landscapes, to today’s alpine meadows and beautiful Italian villages.

The full route is a south-west to north-east traverse of the Dolomites, intersecting with both the Alta Via 2 and the Alta Via 1 before ending in the majestic and iconic Tre Cime (3 Peaks). Our route usually ends in Val Gardena – a gorgeous part of the Dolomites which allows for easy access back to the main train line.

Watch an introductory video about UNESCO World Heritage Geoparc at Bletterbach, which marks the start of the GeoTrail.

Trip length

The route is very adaptable according to the amount of holiday you have. Most people walk from Bletterbach to Val Gardena in a week, but it can be shortened if required, or we can add extra days to it – perhaps in Val Gardena or by spending a few days on part of the Alta Via 2.

Extending your holiday in the Dolomites

There is a natural break when you arrive at the beautiful Val Gardena area, and you might wish to plan to spend a couple of days among the immaculate villages in this stunning valley. The Val Gardena is blessed with a great network of cable cars, free buses and a funicular railway, all of which make day walking in this area an absolute pleasure. trekMountains can advise you of some excellent day walks or mountain bike trails to explore if you decide to extend your holiday by staying here. We strongly recommend hiring an e-bike to explore the mountains in a different way too!


The trek can be run between the dates of 20 June – 20 September on dates to suit you.


trekMountains has arranged the itinerary to include select hotels and the very best mountain refuges along the route. We will request private rooms in the mountain accommodation at no extra cost to you.

Self-guided or Guided?

The UNESCO Geotrail is available either guided or self-guided.

Self-guided trips can be run for 1 person or more.

Why trek the UNESCO Geotrail with trekMountains?

  • trekMountains has been organising and leading treks in the Dolomites every year for the past 13 years.
  • We’ve personally walked all the routes in the Dolomites that we sell, so we know every step of the trek and the accommodation personally.
  • We can put together the best route for your needs – we listen to your requirements for the type of trail that you like to walk on – including if you have any fears or concerns, and we determine the type of accommodation that will suit you. Once we have done that we then tailor your trip to suit you best.
  • Additionally we will always request private rooms for you in the mountain accommodation available at not extra cost to you.


The price of a guided trip varies according to the number of trekkers.

Contact us for more details and for the full itinerary on this new trek.

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