Trekking in India

The Indian Himalaya spans a vast arc stretching almost the entirety of India’s northern border with Tibet both east and west of Nepal.
While Nepal may boast many of the highest peaks in the world, India’s Himalayan regions can justly lay claim to mountain scenery every bit as beautiful, alluring and mystical.

Our treks in the Indian Himalaya go to 3 contrasting regions which offer trekking at different times of the year:

Sikkim/West Bengal in the east of the Himalayan range. Here you can walk along the stunning Singalila Ridge or trek the eastern approach to Kangchenjunga – the world’s third highest mountain.

Nanda Devi – with spectacular alpine valleys and glaciers east of Nanda Devi in the central Himalaya.

Ladakh – this typically Tibetan Buddhist region offers the best Himalayan trekking in the summer months as it avoids the monsoon, enjoying a position behind the Himalayan range to the far west.

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