East Africa

Trekking in East Africa

Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya and Mt Meru each offer unique mountain trekking.  East Africa’s high mountain flora and fauna is found only in this small part of the world, in a range of climatic zones which vary from equatorial to high alpine. The giant lobelia, giant heathers and giant groundsel are found only in this micro climate. You may enjoy the antics of rocky hyrax – a small mammal believed to be the closest living relative to the elephant. Other wildlife you may encounter on treks in the area includes colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, antelope, leopard, giraffe, buffalo and elephant.

If you wish to summit Kilimanjaro and have some extra time, then why not consider trekking up either Mt Meru or Mt Kenya first to help you acclimatise? They are fantastic mountains in their own right. Seeing Kilimanjaro above the cloud-filled African plains at sunrise from the summit of nearby Mt Meru is something not to be missed!

We arrange all the logistics for you, including door-to-door transfers between your hotels in Kenya and Tanzania.

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