Alta Via 2 – Italian Dolomites

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The Alta Via 2 is a step up technically from the Alta Via 1. The route includes some terrain which isn’t for everyone – scree slopes, some paths which are protected by via ferrata cable and some steep slopes. However, the rewards are great and includes the summit of Piz Boe (3152m).

This week long trip is the northern section of the spectacular Alta Via 2 trek in the Italian Dolomites, aa UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Dolomites’ famous sunsets and sunrises are always best enjoyed when you stay in the high mountains, and this trek offers more than its fair share of spectacular locations.

Watch our video about Trekking in the Dolomites of Italy:

Self-guided or guided?
We offer this trip both guided and self-guided. Self-guided trips can be run for 1 person or more.

The trek can be run between the 1 July – 20 September on dates to suit you.

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 Alta Via 2 © Charles Masters