Mt Kenya & Mt Meru


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This trip richly rewards those who seek to spend time on East Africa’s most interesting mountains. Combining Mt Kenya with Mt Meru creates a sublime trek for the connoisseur. You will have the chance to spend quality time absorbing this fascinating corner of East Africa, you see both Kenya and Tanzania.

Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain, is often overlooked by trekkers who frequently prefer to scale Kilimanjaro. However in our opinion, Mt Kenya offers much more spectacular and varied trekking than its neighbour.

Mt. Meru is a brilliant challenge in its own right, and offers its own flora. Views of the sun rising behind Mt Kilimanjaro from the summit of Mt Meru, heralding a new day of life across the African plains are memories you will never forget.

Enjoy the quiet and very scenic trails of Mt Kenya, passing through the deep rain-forested valleys and gorges of the lower slopes, to open moorland. Breathtaking views compete for your attention with flora that is unique to this high alpine zone. Here in a stunning setting of sparkling tarns and shimmering glaciers, you will ascend the trekking peak of Point Lenana at 4985m and its unforgettable summit views across the African plains.

Mt Meru is an extremely interesting volcano in its own right. Summit night and day on Mt Meru is a tough ascent. With numerous false summits along the path which follows the rim of the volcano, this is not a mountain to be considered easy simply because it is lower than Mt Kilimanjaro or Mt Kenya.

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