Mt Kilimanjaro


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Kilimanjaro is among the world’s highest free-standing mountains, rising 4800m from the undulating plain that is the ancestral home of the Maasai people. What makes it challenging is the altitude but by allowing 6 days for the ascent (and not the 4 or 5 that some parties attempt), proper acclimatization is possible and the summit can be safely achieved by most fit walkers. We now offer 3 different routes on Mt Kilimanjaro as described briefly below. For a full description and comparison of the three routes, please click on the itinerary link above. We also offer the opportunity to combine Mt Kilimanjaro with Mt Kenya – please click here for details of that trek.
Please note that none of the routes we offer ascend the so-called “Coca Cola” Marangu Route, so named for the large number of trekkers that use it. We believe that the quieter, more scenic paths offer a better mountain experience.

Mt Kilimanjaro – Rongai Route

The Rongai Route is a straight-forward route which is relatively quiet. Starting from the northern side of Mt Kilimanjaro near the border between Kenya and Tanzania, it offers scenic views across the Amboseli National Park of Kenya. For acclimatisation purposes, we spend an extra day at the spectacular Mawenzi Tarn.

Mt Kilimanjaro – Machame Route

The very scenic Machame Route combines spectacular views and scenery, providing good acclimatisation and a quieter path than the Marangu (tourist) route. The route takes a day longer to get to Barranco than the Umbwe route does, and thereafter follows the same route as the Umbwe Route.

Mt Kilimanjaro – Umbwe Route

Though slightly steeper than the Machame route, the Umbwe route is probably the least used route and therefore avoids even more trekkers. While the distances are shorter, it is harder walking. However is has a reputation for the most beautiful views, so for the keen photographer and fit walker this is probably the better choice. For acclimatisation purposes, we spend an extra day at Barranco.

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