Dolomites World War 1 Discovery Trek

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Behind the incredible beauty of Italian Dolomites there is a dark past. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was the setting for heavy fighting in World War 1. The territory was heavily fought over between the Italians and the Austro-Hungarians. Many relics remain in the mountains of the Dolomites. Open-air WW1 museums and indoor museums tell the story, and you can walk in WW1 trenches, explore the tunnels and officers’ huts that still exist from the war. Explore this area which is a vast open-air museum, bringing to life the fascinating history of the Dolomites.
Watch our video about Trekking in the Italian Dolomites:

Self-guided or guided?
We offer this trip both guided and self-guided. Self-guided trips can be run for 1 person or more.
The trek can be run between 20 June – 20 September on dates to suit you.

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