Naar Phu

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“Naar Phu is quite simply the best trek I have ever led. The Annapurna Circuit was one of my very favourite treks for its incredible diversity of climatic zones, flora and fauna- until it was spoilt by the road building that is taking place on both sides of the circuit. The Naar Phu trek is a loop off the Annapurna Circuit. As soon as I heard about the Naar Phu area being opened to trekkers I knew that I simply had to explore this area, and I wasn’t disappointed. Naar Phu exceeded my expectations”.

“When we first explored this area in 2009 we instantly knew we were somewhere very special within just a few minutes of stepping off the path. In the 5 days of trek between Koto and Phu we met just 3 other people – 2 Nepalis and 1 Westerner”.

“This trek is especially popular with the connoisseur trekker – perhaps you have trekked before, but are now looking for something a little different – off the normal trail and prepared to explore a little. We have programmed in enough time and several short trekking days so that we can take our time not only to enjoy the incredible views that this trek offers, but to spend time with the villagers and to absorb local life and culture”.

Ann Foulkes

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